Our Services



Legal & Immigration Advice

We understand that some women may feel that it is impossible to leave abusive and violent situations due to fear

of their alleged or real immigration status.

We will help you to gain the correct legal and immigration advice and support, to help you to understand your rights.

Depending on your circumstances you will be provided with appropriate legal and immigration advice.

Family Counseling


Gain the emotional support that you need with our Counsellors.

Specialising in supporting those who have experienced domestic abuse and violence, they will

listen to you and provide you with appropriate support to suit your needs.



Health and well-being is critical, and for some is part of the recovery process.

We will ensure that you get appropriate medical attention for yourself and your children if required.

Where necessary we will invite a doctor to visit you at the refuge, and depending on any religious sensitivity,

will ensure that female doctors are available to you.


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Support Services

Our primary aim is to provide you with practical and emotional support, and so we will signpost you to a range

of services which are designed to offer you specialist advice and services to suit you individual needs and circumstances.

Upon arrival to the refuge we will steadily take through the range of support available to you so that you can move forward in your own time, and where necessary gain support ongoing.



We will assist you in locating schools and nurseries for your children, in order to ensure that they maintain their educational development.

As part of our package of practical support, we will also support our residents to gain access to appropriate training. Whether it is an ESOL program, NVQ or even degree, we will signpost you to local training providers and colleges.

Our ultimate aim is to support you to achieve employment. We will support you with access to help and advice, as well as training where possible.



We provide temporary accommodation in our refuges for women and child. The addresses of these sites are confidential and no men are allowed into facilities, except where they are professionals specifically there to provide a service.

The purpose of the refuge is to aid women to rebuild their lives in a safe environment for themselves and their children.

With experienced professionals and skilled volunteers who have often experienced violence and abuse in the past, we offer a range of facilities sand support functions to help you in your hour of need. All residents are also survivors of abuse, and so there is an environment which understands, is non-judgmental and supportive.

Our temporary accommodation is available to you for as long as it is required, however we aim to support you to a permanent relocation within 6 months.



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