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Every minute in the UK, the police receive a call from the public for assistance for domestic violence…an estimated 1,300 calls each day… (Stanko, 2000). Of these, 89% were calls by women being assaulted by men…[yet] less than 24% of domestic violence crime is reported to the police (Walby and Allen, 2004).

Our research

These statistics are alarming but they reflect the reality that victims of Domestic Violence and abuse who are often isolated, scared, and lacking in helpful resources and support to leave and become free from the situation. This is particularly worse for Asian women who are twice as likely to become a victim of domestic violence and abuse whose situations are often exasperation by issues such immigration status, language barriers, lack of access to mainstream services and a lack of understanding of British legislation.




What we did

‘The work we have carried out with all the clients, they have been 100% satisfied. We also work with pensioners.  Some of the clients that we worked with had no resources to public funding, we have also helped them out to get their visas in three months time and to help them with their benefits and housing to help them build up their life. We have a good relationship with the police, if we need a victim’s report or any other service from the police, they are willing to help us. Some of the clients still keep in touch with us, and some of our clients that get married invite us to their weddings.’

Our Aim

At Qudhrat CIC, we understand the issues that these women face, and so our services and special provisions have been specifically designed to provide advice and support for women in this situation.


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